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NFC Championship Game Bears Vs. Packers: 14-0 Pack At The Half

On second and eight, Jay Cutler just manages to get rid of it, avoiding a safety. On third and eight, Forte is corraled on the one yard line, and Brad Maynard will punt with little room to spare. Tramon Williams drops the ball, and gets it back, the Packers will start in Bears territory at the 44. A false start makes it first and 15, James Starks gets two, and is wrapped up by Tim Jennings. Brandon Jackson gets the short toss and jukes Brian Urlacher  and gets the first. And James Starks gets 13 on the next play. It's first and ten inside the red zone at the 18.

Jordy Nelson gets the ball to the four, and it's first and goal. James Starks gets the touchdown.

14-0 Packers.

So far, the Bears have no answers for the packers offense, and the short fields have killed them twice. The Bears need to make something happen here soon.

There's 11:13 left in the first half. Danieal Manning takes the ball out to the Bears 34. Cutler has lots of time and hits Johnny Knox for 24 yards. They're in Green Bay territory. Cutler can't connect with Devin Hester and it's second down from the 42. On second down, the blitz is coming and Cutler hits Chester Taylor on a screen, and he moves the chains. A first down bomb to Hester goes incomplete the play clock winds down before the next play, and Cutler has to take a timeout.

After the timeout, with 9:44 left to play, the Bears are moving. A  Rashied Davis first down is called back on a hold. Cutler gets back 10 on a scramble, he takes a helmet shot. Third and 11, and Cutler can't find anyone open, he slides near the line of scrimmage. The Bears will punt.

It's a touchback, and the Packers will start from their 20. James Starks finds a huge hole and runs for ten. Rodgers runs for 25 yards on the next play, and there was no one near him. They're back in Bears territory, at the 45. James Starks gets nothing on a run, and Rodgers finds Greg Jennings for nine on second down. It's third and one, and Rodgers calls timeout. This is another big down for the Bears, they need a stop here.

A handoff to Starks loses a yard, and the Packers will punt. A Bears bounce put the ball at the 11. With 4:17 left on the clock, a pass to Matt forte goes incomplete. A defensive hold on second down, gets five yards and an automatic first down. From the 16, Cutler throws into traffic, for the second time. Greg Olsen is lucky to be able to knock the ball down.

A nice 13 yard run up the middle by Forte, and the bears get the first. He gets nothing on the next play, and a screen gets three, over the middle. It's third and about seven. The Bears will let the clock run down to the two minute warning.

From their own 33, Cutler is hit on a corner blitz.

After the punt, the Packers start from near their 40, Rodgers runs for a first. An incompletion, and another nine yard slant to Jennings. They fall forward for first down. With less than a minute left, Donald driver bobbles and Lance Briggs intercepts.

Cutler hits Forte, and he goes out of bounds after gaining 17. From the 41, Cutler rears back for Johnny Knox, and Cutler is intercepted. The Packers will have the ball deep in their own territory with 32 seconds left in the half. There's a booth review and the shaky call stands. It seemed clear the ball hit the ground

From the 11, the Packers kneel down, and the half is over.

14-0 Packers