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NFC Championship game: Bears Vs. Packers: Aaron Rodgers Strikes First, 7-0 Pack After One Quarter

Welcome to the NFC Championship game between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears.

Robbie Gould kicks off for the Bears, Starks brings it out to the 15, two quick strikes from Aaron Rodgers to greg Jennings and the Packers are in Bears territory. A run and pass to James Starks brings the Packers into the red zone. A quick strike to Jordy Nelson makes it first and goal, and two plays later Aaron Rodgers runs to the outside, and scores.

7-0 Packers

With 10:50 left in the first quarter, the Bears will receive. They kick short to avoid Devin Hester, and Kellen Davis scoops it up at the 30, he gets to the Bears 37, and Jay Cutler will lead the Bears offense on their first drive. had Clifton took a knee to the head, on the Packers touchdown play, they're testing him on the sideline.

Matt Forte carries the ball for two, and on the next play orte gets 24 on a quick pass. From the Packers 44, Forte gets two on a run, On second down, Cutler has to hurry ona screen to Forte that gets one yard. Jay Cutler, with time, overthrows Devin Hester near the goal line. The Bears will punt.

Brad Maynard kicks it out of bounds at the Packers ten yard line.

The Packers wil take over without Chad lifton. James Starks goes 16 yards on a handoff. From the 26, Rodgers completes to James Jones for ten, and two plays later they get another first. From their 47, Rodgers airs it out long to Greg Jennings, but the pass is broken up by Charles Tillman. It's third and ten after an overthrow to Nelson, and John Kuhn can't haul a screen that Rodgers had to throw to avoid a sack. The Packers punt.

Devin hester gets the ball, but can't go anywhere, and the Bears will start from way back at their own 16, and are backed up by a false start on Chris Williams. Forte gets three on first and fifteen, he goes around end for six more, and it's third and six. Cutler is sacked for five yards and the bears will punt from deep in their own territory.

Tramon Williams runs it 11 yards to near midfield. ith 2:48 left in the first quarter, Aaron Rodgers hits Greg Jennings for 21 yards, so far they've just been shredding the Bears defense. From around the Bears 30, James Starks gets three around end. On second down, he gets maybe one yard. Third and six, and Rodgers is sacked ny Brian Urlacher, pulling him down at the 35, they'll punt.

Devin Hester lets it go, and the Packers will down it at the two, a Bears penalty makes it the one yard line. Forte falls forward for two yards as time expires.