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NFC Championship Game, Bears Vs. Packers: Still Looking For Bears Game Tickets?

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Are you still considering going to the game this afternoon at Soldier Field, despite the fresh snow on the ground and the forecast high in the lower 20s?

There are still tickets available for sale on StubHub; as of about 8:30 this morning there were about 600 tickets for sale, but at the time of this post that number had dropped to 443.

The prices of the tickets has also dropped; at the earlier time I checked, the cheapest ticket was $325, for one of the corners of the highest level at Soldier Field. At 9:45 a.m. CST the lowest price was $314, for the south end zone in one of the highest rows. There were lower-level corner seats available for $393 each (sold in a pair), which isn’t that much higher than face value.

Patience may be your best bet if you still want to go; there’s more than four hours until game time and these sellers aren’t going to want to eat the tickets. If you wait — but not too long — you might be able to get into Soldier Field for not too much above face.

And one more thing. Don’t go down there and buy tickets from someone outside the stadium. Counterfeiting seems to get easier every year, and every year there are reports from people who paid many times over face value for tickets to big Cubs games who wind up out their money and not in the park, because they bought a realistic-looking fake ticket. Buying from Stubhub at least gives you a guarantee that if you buy invalid tickets, they’ll try to find legitimate ones, or get you a refund.

Good luck — and maybe the best bet today is sitting at home, warm, in front of your TV.