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NFC Championship, Bears Vs. Packers: Matt Forte Greets, Bears Eat

With one day left before the historic NFC Championship game between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, we find that the wait is making us a bit silly. So here are some Saturday morning tid-bits designed to entertain. Check back later today for last minute-updates, and don't forget we'll be providing in depth live updates throughout the game tomorrow.

Letters, We Get Letters:  I occasionally get e-mails from some enterprising soul, that has a product that they feel would be of interest to readers here. Such is the case with an e-mail I received regarding a company called Stargreetz.Here is description of the company from the mail:

StarGreetz is a digital media company that creates personalized, star-powered audio and video messages for online and mobile platforms. The company’s state of the art technology uses the actual voices and images of popular celebrities and iconic characters

The 'popular celebrities and iconic characters' include such notables as Reba McEntire, Verne (mini me) Troyer, the real Batman Adam West, and Chicago's very own running back, Matt Forte. Forte will greet the person of your choice with a Valentine, birthday, get-well, even a Mother's Day message, provided Mom's not a Green Bay fan.

Other football icons available for your ring tone and e-greetings are Maurice Jones-Drew, and Joe Namath. Although maybe it's not a good idea to let Broadway Joe record a message to your girlfriend.

The Number One Threat To Wisconsin? BEARS!: Two grizzly bears from the Brookfield Zoo feasted on a football and a Cheesehead with the Green Bay Packers logo. They were filled with meat and vegetables. The reason that the cheesehead wasn't sitting on top of a Packers fan's head at the time, is because the zoo doesn't like for the bears to have a lot of 'empty calories'.