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Chicago Bears Vs. Green Bay Packers: Packers Hold On, Win 10-3

Mason Crosby kicks a touchback, and the Bears will start from their 20. Jay Cutler hands to Matt Forte for one. On second down, Johnny Knox is well covered, and the blitzing Packers force a three and out.

Brad Maynard punts to Tramon Williams, who falls on the ball at the packers 46 yard line

Aaron Rodgers and the suddenly hot Packers offense, open with a downfield strike to Greg Jennings, incomplete. A pitch to James Starks is nullified by a holding call. Seecond and 20, and starks puts his head down and gets maybe two yards. Third and fifteen, a screen to Jordy nelson almost gets the first.

Fourth and one, and the Packers punt. It takes a Green Bay punt, and the Bears are pinned near their own three.

Jay Cutler finds Greg Olsen for five, and Matt Forte gets seven yards for the first, and a little breathing room. Forte gets a yard on a handoff,  and Charles Woodsen shakes the blockers and sacks Cutler. Third and 17, and Clay Matthews gets him again at the two.

Maynard punts from the back of the end zone, and the packers will start in Bears territory again.

From the 46, Brandon Jackson runs for four, James starks gets another yard. Third and five and a false start makes it third and ten. Rodgers from the shotgun, is chased out of bounds short.

Devin Hester is back, but Jarret Bush downs it at the two.

Matt Forte goes around the end for four, and bulls through for another five. Third and one, and Greg Olsen picks up the first on a slant.

From the 18, Olsen slides for six along the sideline, on second down Charles Woodsen bats the pass down at the line of scrimmage. Third and four and Cutler runs for seven yards and gets the first.

At the 31, Olsen catches it for six over the middle, and that brings it to the two minute warning.

Rashied Davis gets another first and th clock keeps moving. An incomplete to Johnny Knox stops it at 1:31. Second down and Forte gets the forst down in Green bay Territory. A quick out to Knox goes incomplete, then makes a left-handed toss to Forte for no gain. The Bears use a timeout on third and ten.

Devin hester pulls in a pass at the 33, then Tramon Williams braks up the next pass. With 20 seconds left, Cutler throws another interception, and the Green Bay Packers are playoff bound.

Congratulations Green Bay, welcome to the post-season.