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Chicago Bears Vs. Green Bay Packers: Bears Defense On Goal Line Stand, 3-3

The Bears and Packers played to a near draw in the first half. In the other game that matters (right now) for the NFL Playoffs, the New York Giants have a three point lead over the Redskins. Will the Bears sit some starters in the second half, having made a 'statement' by shutting out Green Bay at home for a half? Or will they go for the NFC North sweep?  Chicago will have the ball to start the second half, so we'll see what they do after the kickoff.

The sun is down over Lambaugh Field.

Danieal Manning gets to about the 24. And Jay Cutler and the starters are in, an end around to Matt Forte gets four. Forte gets a first down, and keeps pumping for 11 yards. Cutler throws deep to Greg Olsen, who can't pull it down. Forte runs for four yards on second down. Rashied Davis gets nine on an outside post.

The ball's at the Packer 48, and on first down, Forte is stuffed. Cutler throws behind Davis for an incomplete, and Forte takes the pass, but can't make the first down, but go for it on fourth and two. But the pass to Davis is incomplete and the Bears give the ball up in downs.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers will get their first possession of he second half, at their own 40.

His first pass is intercepted by Charles Tillman, who refuses to go down, until he's wrapped up near the Packers 15 yard line. What a runback. he goes 42 yards the looooooong way.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy throws the challenge flag, questioning whether Tillman had possession. The ruling stands, and Green Bay loses a timeout.

Jay Cutler and Co. come out, but are called for holding on first down. A matt Forte end around goes nowhere and it's second and 20. A Cutler scramble likewise goes for naught, and from the shotgun tries to hit Johnny Knox and is intercepted in the end zone. The Packers will take over at their 20.

Brandon Jackson picks up two on the handoff, and a quick strike to Greg Jennings gets six, and on third and two aaron Rodgers overthrows Jennings downfield.

They punt, and it rolls to the Bears 25 yard line. Johnny Knox falls over, but manages to knock the ball out of the air, saving an interception, Rashied Davis can't hang on, and it's third and ten. Rasied Davis gets seven on a slant and the Bears go three and out.

Brad Maynard makes a nice kick, but Tramon Williams goes 41 yards to give the Packers the ball in Bears territory.

At the 44, James Starks gets about four yards, on the next play Tim Jennings gets called for pass interference, and it's first down at the 34. On the next play Rodgers finds Greg Jennings who takes it to the one yard line.

John Kuhn is wrapped up on first down for no gain. A trick play loses two yards. On third down Tommie Harris sacks Rodgers.

Mason Crosby hits from 23 yards and it's tied 3-3.