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Chicago Bears Vs. Green Bay Packers: Bears Lead 3-0 At Half

Pat Lee makes a nice return and the packers will ahve good position.

From the 40, Brandon Jackson gets hit by Israel Idonije after one yard. Second down and Greg Jennings can't scoop up a low Aaron Rodgers pass, a false start makes it third and 14. Rodgers scrambles for six, and gets hit from behind.  Rodgers is having trouble finding the open man today.

Devin Hester gets another catchable punt and runs down the sideline for 15 or so.

Jay Cutler tosses to Chester Taylor for five yards, then on the next play cuts upfield for four more.

It's third and one at the two minute warning.

A play fake to Johnny Knox goes incomplete, and Brad Maynard comes on to punt.

The ball goes out of bounds at the 17, and with 1:45 and two timeouts the Packers go to work. a pass to Andrew Quarless gets six and the clock continues to run. On second down, Rodgers scrambles out of bounds for the first.

Tim Jennings wraps up Greg Jennings on first down, then an incomplete, but Julius Peppers gets a dubious roughing the passer call, for a first.

A short run gets the ball to midfield and the Packers call timeout with 53 seconds left.

Second and four, and Greg Jennings let the ball bounce out of his hands. James Jones can't hang on, and it's fourth down.

Tim Masthay sails one into the end zone with 33 seconds left.

From the 20, Matt Forte gets two, and the Bears let time expire.