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Chicago Bears Vs. Green Bay Packers-Bears Field Goal Makes It 3-0

From the 20, the Packers start and Aaron Rodgers hands off to James Starks for three. Starks gets the rest on second down. On first down Donald Driver is wrapped up on a screen, but he gets a first on the next play. The bears defense is going after Rodgers.

A long pass to Greg Jennings is negated by a holding penalty. It's first and 20 from about the 31 yard line. The Packers have to use a timeout as the play clock expires. When play resumes, Aaron Rodgers goes back, and is sacked by Henry Melton and Brian Urlacher. On second down, Rodgers has nowhere to throw and is hit by Lance Briggs. A screen to John Kuhn gets seven back, and the Packers punt.

Devin Hester catches and runs it back 18 yards to about the 25 yard line.

Jay Cutler hits Rashied Davis on a quick route, and he runs it to mid-field.  A follow up screen to Matt Forte gets four, a run up the middle by Forte makes it third and two, and Cutler scrambles and hits Forte who gets some nice yards after the catch, into the red zone.

First and ten from the 18, and the Bears call timeout again as the play clock runs down. Cutler from the shotgun gets nine yards on a pass to Davis. Another pass to Davis, and it's first and goal from the four. A handoff to Matt forte gets maybe a yard, and then goes low and incomplete to Johnny Knox. reik walden comes around end and sacks Cutler.

Robbie Gould hits from 30 yards out, and it's 3-0 Bears.