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Chicago Bears Vs. Green Bay Packers: No Score At The End of The First Quarter

The Bears start at their 35 yard line after the Charles Tillman fumble recovery. Jay Cutler's first pass is knocked down, and the next one is almost picked off. It's third and ten.

Rashied Davis gets six yards on a dump off, and the Bears will punt again.

Brad Maynard's punt bounces 48 yards, and the Packers will start deep in their own territory. From the 11, Aaron Rodgers hits Jordy Nelson for 25 yards.

On first down, Brandon Jackson is wrapped up for no gain. A out route gets eight and on third down, Rodgers starts to scramble but has to slide short, and they'll punt.

Devin Hester is back, but Green Bay punts it out of bounds at the 16.

Jay Cutler starts the drive with a handoff to Matt Forte. It gets 24 yards and the Bears get a first down. From the 41, Forte gets another 21, and orte is hovering arounbd 1,000 yards for the season.

Chester Taylor goes for two, and cutler just gets the incomplete pass off, avoiding the sack. Third amd eight and Cutler takes a now customary, early timeout.

Out of the timeout, the pass play is broken up by A.J. Hawk sacking Cutler. They'll punt.

The ball rolls into the end zone, and the first quarter is over.