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2010 NFL Playoffs: Bears Playing For Pride As Falcons Beat Panthers For Top Spot In NFC Playoffs

The NFC playoffs are now shaping up — there’s only one spot left to be determined after the Falcons’ 41-9 win over the Panthers. That victory clinched the top seed and home field throughout the playoffs for Atlanta.

That makes the Saints, who had a shot at the top spot, a wild card — and they lost, 23-13 to the Buccaneers — the No. 5 seed. The No. 6 seed will either be the Packers, if they beat the Bears, or the Giants, if Green Bay loses and New York beats Washington. If the Bears win, the Packers can still get in if the Giants lose. If both teams lose, the Bucs get the No. 6 seed by virtue of their win.

Meanwhile, the No. 4 seed will be the winner of the Rams/Seahawks game tonight. That team, because it’s a division champion, will host a playoff game next weekend.

In the AFC, the Steelers’ blowout of the Browns clinched the No. 2 seed for them and a bye week. The only remaining slot in the AFC goes to the AFC South champion, which will be the Colts if they win their game. If the Colts lose, the Jaguars win the division if they defeat the Texans. If both lose, the Colts are the winner by tiebreaker.

Clear? Enjoy the late games and go Bears!