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NFC Championship, Bears Vs. Packers: Insults And Insults Edition

There's no injuries to report on yet. Chris Harris, who left the Seahawks game with a hip injury has vowed to play in this historic match-up, and as of this write up there's been no new IR reports so we'll reach into the Great Big Drum O' Insults (it's just the old Bozo Drum from the Grand Prize Game, repainted) and pick some random nuggets of disrespect for your Chicago Bears! 

The Slings and Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune-Tellers:  The moment that time expired on the Bears victory over the Seattle Seahawks in the Divisional Playoff round, the oddsmakers in Las Vegas momentarily spat out their giant novelty cigars, shot the cuffs from under their sharkskin suits, and installed the Green Bay Packers as three point favorites in the NFC Championship game.

The Green Bay Packers, the second place in the NFC North, visiting team Green Bay Packers, are the favorite. The oddsmakers must have been listening to every cable sports show on television, and subscribing to the Chicago papers. The Bears are the least respected number two seed since the U.S. invaded Grenada.

And yes, the Bears have a better record than they did, too.

It's Good To Befuddle The King: But Vegas guys named 'Lefty' and 'Tony Flapjacks' aren't the only people who literally wrote the Bears off.'s Peter King, in his Monday Morning Quarterback column's 'Fine Fifteen' included all four of the teams that still remain in the playoffs. So how did the Bears fare?

Why, they're number five, of course.

They're ranked below all three of the other teams still in the tournament including both of the number six seeds that they've already defeated, and the New England Patriots, who have been eliminated.

It's no longer surprising to me, and I don't get angry about it either. It's been this way all year. I guess I just assumed that at some point logic based on the observation of results would eventually demand that all these 'professionals' get it right.

And after all, while it's disheartening in some ways, it's still the best thing that could happen for the Bears. They thrive on being unloved, every slight or show of disrespect seems to further strengthen their resolve. So, let the critics have their day.

But just between you and me? The Bears are probably going to win the NFC Championship. Regardless of what they say, or the official record.

The Bears are 1-Oh, whatever, against the Packers this year. The Packers, executing a game plan, and mustering all the intensity of a team that needed a win to make the playoffs, beat a Chicago team that had nothing to play for.

By seven points.

If you want to believe in Aaron Rodgers infallibility, if you're starry-eyed over his gaudy numbers, explain the one touchdown performance of the Green Bay Packers, in their most important game of the regular season.

Do you think that the fact Lovie Smith left his offensive starters in, means that they game-planned a victory?  Explain the pass/run ratio. 18 runs to 39 passes?  Explain the rare sightings of Rashied Davis and Devin Aromashodu as targets in the second half.

The Packers were playing for the post-season, and the Bears were scrimmaging. And the final score was 10-7 Packers.

Stalin Used To Do The Same Thing: The man who beat out a convicted animal abuser, several illegal gun owners, steroid abusers, and reality show stars, to become Rick Reilly's 'Most hated man in the NFL' has donated a very generous prize package, to a children's charity. You can win NFC Championship game tickets, a hotel stay, $1,500 in stipends, and other gifts.

But until he starts being nicer to David Haugh, he's still a big jerk.

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