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NFL Playoff Schedule Jets Vs. Patriots: New York Wins 28-21, Advance

The New York Jets open the quarter with a Mark Sanchez to Jerricho Cotchery pass and run for 57 yards. They're in the red zone, and on third down santonio olmes makes a circus catch in the end zone. Touchdown Jets.

21-11 Jets

With 13:00 left in the game, the Jets make it a two score game.

The Pats will start from their 18. They get a first, but every yard is contested, the Jets are anticipating nearly every move the Patriots make. Deion Branch gets a first, and gets up in the Jets defenders faces. Tempers are high. danny Woodhead puts his head down, and gets a first, he follows with another seven yards, they're at the Jets 35. A false start  sets them back, but Wes Welker gets the first on a screen. A run stuff and a sack make it third and 13. A long incomplete and it's fourth and 13. Antonio Cromartie is down on the field, there's a timeout.

They go for it, and Deion Branch can't hang on. The Jets take over on downs at their 34.  They go three and out. The Pats call timeout with 3:42 left in the game.

The Jets punt, and Julian Edelman goes 42 yards, and the Pats are in Jets territory. A couple quick passes, and they're at the 30. A Jets player takes an injury timeout, and the crowd boos, as it seems like the Jets are injured whenever the Patriots are moving the ball quickly, and New York isn't getting to get set. nd they keep returning after one play.

Rob Gronkowski picks up 12, and an incompletion stops the clock with 2:25 left. Another incompletion, and the Pats are disorganized.

They go for the field goal, and the Jets call timeout, right before the snap. Shayne Graham from 35 is good.

21-14 Jets

1:57 left, and the Pats have two timeouts,and so do the Jets.

The onside kick squirts past the first line, and right to Antonio  cromartie, who picks it up and runs it to the New England 20.

Two plays later, the Shonn Greene scores. He gets an excessive celebration penalty, to be assessd on the kickoff.

28-14 Jets

With 1:41 left The Kets kick from their 15. Brandon Tate takes it out to the 40 yard line. Danny Woodhead runs it out to the 50, Then Wes Welker to the 38. Woodhead to the  23. An incomplete at the goal line, then at the 12 a first down. Welker drops one in the end zone.

Deion Branch hauls one in with 24 seconds left.

28-21 Jets

The onside kick is recovered by the Jets.

28-21 Jets final.

Congratulartions to the New York Jets and their fans.