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NFL Playoff Schedule Jets Vs. Patriots:14-3 New York At The Half

The New York Jets start the quarter just over the line into New England Patriot territory. The Patriots stiffen, and the Jets will punt. It's a touchback, and Tom Brady and the Pats will start from the 20.

The Patriots can't move the ball, and on third down Tom Brady gets pounded for a third sack. After the punt, the Jets are near midfield, on the Patriots side. A false start sends them back over the line. They get nine, and then Mark Sanchez goes deep for Braylon Edwards to the Pats eight yard line. two plays later he hits LaDanian Tomlinson for the touchdown.

7-3 Jets

The Patriots bring the ball out to the 27 yard line. They're giving Brady lots of time, but nowhere to throw, and they go thre and out. They punt and the Jets take over from their 25 yard line. An interfence penalty moves the chain. Santonio Holmes appears to get a first down, but Belichick throws the challenge flag at the last second.

The ruling stands and the Jets have a first at the 50, with a littl over five minutes. hey can't convert, they'll punt. It goes in for a touchback.

The Jets are limiting Brady's options to short gains along the line of scrimmage, so far it seems to be working. They fake the punt, the runner fumbles. He recovers, but he doesn't get the first.

The Jets take over and LaDanian Tomlinson sorints up the middle for 17. From the 20, they give to him again, he gets five and stops the clock out of bounds. With 45 seconds left, Sanchez throws, but it's defended incomplete. On third down, Braylon Edwards catches the ball and takes it in draped in defenders.

14-3 Jets

With 33 seconds left, the Jets kick and Brandon Tate finds a hole, he takes it to the 45. Brady hits Deion Branch, but Darrelle Revis fights for it, and it goes incomplete.

On second down, they get three and lose 15 on a personal foul, with some shoving going on after the play.

The Pats take a knee, and they'll get the ball to start the second half.

14-3 Jets