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NFL Playoff Schedule Jets Vs. Patriots:New England Leads 3-0 After One Quarter

The Chicago Bears have just defeated the Seattle Seahawks 35-24, they will host the Green Bay Packers next week for the NFC Championship.

The New York Jets meet the New England Patriots in Foxboro, in the final Divisional Playoff of the weekend. Although Jets head coach Rex Ryan says it's him against Bill Belichick, neither are active for this game.

Wes Welker will be benched at the beginning of the game, for breaking Belichick's rule against smack talk, apparently.

The Patriots win the toss and defer, they'll kick off. Antonio Cromartie takes it for the four, 27 yards to around the 30. Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense starts. LaDanian Tomlinson gets four, and loses his helmet in the process. Jerricho Cotchery brings it across midfield, but they can't convert. Thay'll punt.

Tom Brady and the Pats will start from their own 16 yard line. A screen to Danny Woodhead gets 19 yards. A Brandon Tate reverse gets 11. Darrelle Revis breaks up a pass. The Patriots cross midfield on the next play, and Rob Gronkowski bulls for another ten yards BeJarvus Gree-Ellis gets another first. They're driving, but David Harris picks off Brady, and runs it back to the Patriots 12 yard line.

The Jets lose eight yards on the first two plays from scrimmage, and they send Tomlinson, and he gets back to the 12. They'll kick the field goal. Nick Folk misses the 30 yarder.

Welker is in on their second series, that opens with a sak on Tom Brady. They commit a facemask, and move the chains for New England.

The Pats drive across midfield, and a pass to Alge Crumpler brings them into the red zone. The Jets can't get set, and an injury on the defense forces a timeout, as the Pats are threatening. But on third down, Brady takes a sack. They'll bring out the field goal unit.

Shayne Graham is good from 34 yards.

3-0 Patriots 

With 1:12 left in the quarter Cromartie takes the ball out to the 40. They'll cross midfield, and let time expire.