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NFL Playoff Schedule Bears Vs. Seahawks: 35-24 Chicago Advances!

From their 20, the Bears send Chester Taylor up the middle, for two. On second down, Jay Cutler zings it to Johnny Knox, who can't corral it. On third down, Cutler lets the blitz go past him and runs 20.

Matt Forte from the wildcat, throws into traffic ,and it's intercepted by Aaron Curry.

Matt Hasselbeck throws incomplete, he finds Brandon Stokely who gets to about the 23 yard line, it's third and one. And Charles Tillman breaks up the pass to Michael Williams. They go for it on fourth down, and Tim Jennings is called for interference. First down. On the next play Williams can't hang on after a jarring hit from Major Wright. Hasselbeck avoids the blitz, he hits Brandon Stokley for six.

Stokely rolls and catches near the two. First and goal.

Charles Tillman is ruining Mike Williams day, he breaks up another pass, this time in the end zone. Ben Obamanu fares no better on second down, but Hasselbeck gets Williams in the slot, for a touchdown.

28-10 Bears

11:21 left in the game

 Olindo Mare kicks a squib, and Johnny Knox recovers at the 26. Cutler hands off to Forte, who gets nothing. Forte takes a screen 19 yards to the 46 for a first down.

Cutler hits Knox on a quick slant for seven yards. They're in Seattle territory. Chester taylor keeps his legs moving to the 37.  greg Olsen drops a screen pass, followed by a one yard gain by Taylor. Under pressure Cutler, throws it away. Brad Maynard punts to the five, where the ball is caught cleanly by Bears special teams ace Corey Graham.

On first down, Hasselbeck connects with Justin Forsett for 22 yards. Mike Willaims drops a second down, and Tommie Harris buries Hasselbeck for a sack.

Devin Hester calls for the fair catch, just inside Seahawks territory.

With 6:17 left, the Bears start from the 48. Matt Forte turns the corner for five. He twists through the line for another four. Jay Cutler lofts one that lands in Kellen davis' chest, he moves in for the touchdown.

35-10 Bears

4:40 left in the game. Robbie Gould to kick. Leon Washington returns to the 26. Forsett takes the handoff for eight. He's shaken up on the play. Hasselbeck hits Brandon Stokely for 21 yards. Cameron Morrah gets six, and he takes it the Bears 30, on the next play.

Hasselbeck is swarmed, but he hits Washington for ten, on a shovel pass. After a timeout, he hits Stokely, and it's first and goal at the four. Tillman bobbles the interception, and Williams gets the gift touchdown.

35-17 Bears

The Seahawks onside kick, and theirs a pile, but the Bears come up with the ball.

They'll start from the Seattle 37, Forte bounces out for seven.Timeout Seattle at 2:05, and Forte hits the pile for one  at the two minute warning. After Forte is wrapped up for a one yard loss, Seattle calls time.

The Bears can't convert on fourth and three, and Olin Kreutz gets an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for a late hit.

From the 35, Hasselbeck hits Obamanu for 46 yards, and then Stokely for the touchdown.

35-24 Bears

That was fast. With 1:24 left the Seahawks will onside kick for the third time. Johnny Knox pulls it down at the Seattle 47 yard line. The Bears will let the clock run out.

35-24 Bears final.

Congratulations to the Chicago Bears and their fans!