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NFL Playoff Schedule Bears Vs. Seahawks: 28-3 Chicago After Three

With a 21 point lead, and one half of football to go, the Chicago Bears will take the kickoff to start the half. Devin Hester takes it to the 24.

On first down, Matt Forte takes it for four yards, he fight for another yard, and it's third and five. Jay Cutler can't hit Earl Bennett and the Bears will punt.

Brad Maynard kicks a high one, that Golden Tate takes back about ten yards.

From the 35, the Bers push Marshawn Lynch back, he goes nowhere. Justin Forsett is stopped for no gain, and Matt Hasselbeck's third down pass is broken up by Charles Tillman.

Devin Hester takes the punt, but can't turn the corner. With 12:1 left the Bears start from their 30. Matt Forte pushes for five yards, then three more. Cutler has time, but no receivers, he scrambles out of bounds for eight yards and a first.

A pitch to Forte gets one, and dump pass gets the rest.  A screen to Hester goes for six, and Forte can't get around and loses one yard. Cutler  finds Johnny Knox all alone at the Seahawk 24. It's a first down. Kellen Davis gets upended by Marcus Trufant, who is injured on the play.

Once again a Seahawks player will be carted off, after having his head and neck secured.

There's 6:59 left in the third. It's second and seven from the Seattle 21. Forte gets six, and gets three for a first down, and goal to go.

From the eight, Forte gets one yard up the middle, then on a wildcat Forte hands off to Chester Taylor for three. Cutler takes a high snap in the shotgun, and and he races for the corner of the end zone for a touchdown, his second today.

28-0 Bears

Leon Washington returns the kickoff 62 yards, Robbie Gould saves the touchdown.

Matt Hasselbeck hits Stokely for a first, in hurry up. and they get two yards, on second down, Mike Willaims slips, and the pass is incomplete. hasselbeck lofts on towards the end zone, incomplete, but the Bears are called for illegal contact, and they move the chains.

From the 13, Robinson gets to the nine, and he's shaken up. It's been announced Chris harris has a hip injury and has been replaced by D.J. Moore.

Second and seven, and an incomplete. Charles Tillman breaks up the pass that Hasselbeck was forced to throw under pressure from Julius Peppers. They bring out the field goal unit, and the 30 yarder is good.

28-3 Bears

With 1:52 left, Danieal Manning makes a nice return, but it's called back on a holding call on Henry Melton.

From the nine, Chester Taylor forces his way for six, he gets three more on the next play. Third and one, with 24 seconds left, the Bears call timeout. Taylor gets the first, and time will expire in the third quarter.

28-3 Bears