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NFL Playoff Schedule Bears Vs. Seahawks 21-0 Chicago At The Half

Brandon Stokely appears to get the first, but it's called back in a holding penalty. This is a classic Julius Peppers benefit. Linemen will attempt to hold him all day, and it's often good for some flags.

Third and fifteen, and Matt Hasselbeck overthrows Mike Williams. They'll punt, and the Bears let it go. They'll start from their 37 yard line.

Jay Cutler and the offense have been sharp so far. A draw and pass across the field to greg Olsen goes for another first down. lsen has three big catches already. Chester Taylor gets eight on the next play. Taylor moves the pile enough for the first down at the Seattle 30 yard line.

Cutler under pressure, throws the ball away. Forte goes around end for eight yards, and is pushed out of bounds by Lawyer Milloy. Cutler drops back, and hits Earl Bennett for the first on the 11 yard line.

Forte goes up the gut for five, but Cutler's pass is batted down. On third down, he scrambles into the end zone. Touchdown!

21-0 Bears

With 10:01 left, Robbie Gould boots it into the end zone, for a touchback. The Seahawks will start from their 20.

Matt Hasselbeck, gives to Justin Forsett for two, then Ben Obamanu gets seven. Tillman gets called for interference, and that moves the chains.

On first down, Brandon Stokely can't hold on, he can't reach the ball on second down, and it's third and ten, and Obamanu can't hold on. The Bears secondary is tight in coverage, and every pass is being contested.

Devin Hester fair catches the punt at the 26.

They're called for false start on first down, and Matt Forte gets the first on a screen.

A screen to Hester goes incomplete, and Matt Forte gets the first down, and crosses into Seattle territory.

A pass to Earl Bennett is broken up downfield. A flip to Chester Taylor gets enough for the first down, but Hester gets a foul for an illegal block.

Second and 21, and Cutler hits Johnny Knox at the Seahawks 44 yard line, making it third and 12. Cutler from the shotgun, gets hit from behind and fumbles, but J'Marcus Webb recovers. The Bears punt, and Corey Grant makes an excellent play, stopping the ball at the one yard line.

There's 5:12 left on the clock and Seattle starts from as close to 100 yards away, as you possibly can. Michael Robinson gets one on first down, and Hasselbeck makes a nice throw but the receiver can't hang on. Ben Obamanu pulls it in at the 14, and the Seahawks have a first. They give to Lynch who gets four, Williams gets three more on second down. Third and three, and Golden ate tries to one hand the ball, incomplete. They punt, and the ball takes a Bears bounce, they'll start at the Seattle 44. A screen to Hester doesn't develop, and it's the two minute warning.

Second and 12, and Cutler throws incomplete to Olsen. He has plenty of time, but seattle throws everyone in coverage, and they're three and out.

A holding call and the Bears punt from farther back. Brad Maynard's kick goes to the Seattle 19, and there's 1:31 left in the half. Hasselbeck hits Robinson for the first. His next toss is incomplete. Under pressure he dumps off to Brandon Stokely, he gets maybe one, and can't get out of bounds, The Seahawks take a timeout.

Tommie Harris comes in with a crowd and sacks Hasselbeck. hey'll punt on fourth and 16. With 43 seconds, from the 32, Cutler is sacked.

Time expires.

21-0 Bears