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NFL Playoff Schedule Packers Vs. Falcons: 48-21 Green Bay Advances

At the start of the fourth, the Falcons have the ball at the Green bay 13, and Brian Finneran gets them to the eight. Matt Ryan hits Roddy White, who goes in for the touchdown.

42-21 Packers

The Falcons onside kick, and Brian Finneran recovers, but it's ruled Green Bay's ball. They start with excellent field position at the Atlanta 39 yard line.. They can't advance, and they miss the field goal, so Atlanta takes over at the 40. Matt Ryan is sacked on first down, for nine yards by B.J Raji, who is injured on the play. A defensive holding play results in an automatic first down. Two plays later the Falcons fumble and Clay Matthews recovers for Green Bay.

Aaron Rodgers takes over and the Packers continue to drive the ball at will. They get to the 15, before they lose ten on a sack. They kick the 43 yard field goal, with 6:29 left. The Packers ate over five minutes off the clock, on a 19 yard drive.

45-21 Packers

Eric Weems brings it out to the 21. Matt Ryan and the Falcons have little choice but to let fly. An incomplete, and an offsides penalty, an incomplete, and a complete short of the first. The Falcons make the catch, but the ball is stripped and Green Bay recovers. It's the fourth turnover for the Falcons.

The Packers will start from the Atlanta 33 yard line. Matt Flynn taks over at QB for Green Bay, and he'll keep feeding it to James Starks. They're in the red zone, and as the time winds down to the two minute warning the Packers send out Mason Crosby, who makes the 32 yard field goal.

48-21 Packers

The Falcons will field the line-drive kick, and Weems takes it to the 27.  An incomplete, and a sack, followed by a Michael Turner push for three yards. Atlanta lets the clock wind down to 31 seconds, and they'll punt.

The Green Bay Packers did not punt in this game.

Tramon Williams calls for a fair catch, and the Packers take a knee on first down to end the game.

48-21 Packers

Congratulations to Green Bay and their fans.