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NFL Playoff Schedule Packers Vs. Falcons: 42-14 Green Bay After Three

The Green Bay Packers will receive the ball to start the second half, they take a knee in the end zone, they'll start at the 20 yard line. John Abraham sacks Aaron Rodgers for 10 yards, he mimics Rodgers 'look at me, I'm wearing a belt!' dance. but two plays later he finds James Joyce for a first, and then Greg Jennings for nine. James Starks goes up the middle for about a dozen, and they're in Atlanta territory, and he follows up with another eight. Aside from the first play, the Packers are moving the ball at will.

From the 35, Rodgers goes incomplete to Donald Lee, Starks for four, and a 14 yard completion to Jordy Nelson.

The packers have first and ten at the 18, and Rodgers takes a timeout.

He hits Jordy Nelson, for another first, and it's first and goal. Rodgers goes into the end zone himself for the touchdown.

35-14 Packers

With 8:28 left, Eric Weems takes the kickoff, he'll get to about the 28 yard line.

Matt Ryan throws a quick slant incomplete, then a 24 yard completion to Michael Jenkins is challenged by Green Bay, as it looked like the ball was bobbled as the receiver went to the ground out of bounds.

The pass is ruled incomplete, and the Falcons will punt.

Tramon Williams is back for Green Bay, but the punt is shanked and the Packers will take over at the 50 yard line.

The Falcons can't close the door on Green Bay, who just keep moving the chains. They methodically close the distance to the goal line, and at the 2:41 mark, John Kuhn pulls in the pass and leaps into the end zone.

42-14 Packers.

Eric Weems brings the ball to the 27.

Matt Ryan seems to get a rare first down, but it's called back on an offensive pass interference penalty.  Tony Gonzales gets his first catch of the day for seven yards, but is injured on the play. Two plays later, Ryan does get the first, on a 22 yard strike to Michael Jenkins, then another to Roddy White, and on the last play of the quarter he hits Brian Finneran for the hat trick. The falcons are driving.

42-14 Packers