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NFL Playoff Schedule Packers Vs. Falcons: Green Bay End Half With Int, TD 28-14 Pack

As the second quarter begins, the Green Bay Packers are driving in Atlanta Falcons territory, and on second and goal Jordy Nelson catches the ball and falls over the pylon for a touchdown.

7-7 tie game

Green Bay kicks off and Eric Weems takes it from one end zone, down the middle, to the other end zone. A 102 yard kickoff return for a Falcons touchdown.

14-7 Falcons

Atlanta kicks off with 11:50 left in the half. James Starks lets the kick fall out of his hands, and out of bounds at the eight yard line. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers come out on offense. Donald Driver is brought down hard after a 24 yard reception, and gets up swinging. No flags. Greg Jennings brings it to midfield on the next play. Two plays later, Riodgers escapes pressure and hit James Jones, who takes it down the sideline to the Atlanta16 yard line. Starks runs for two,  Jones gets another five on the sideline, a Rodgers sack is nullified by a contact penalty in the secondary, making it first and goal.

James Starks gets two up the middle, then another contact penalty makes it first and goal from the one yard line.

Starks is stuffed on first down, but John Kuhn lumbers forward and scores on second down

14-14 tie game

With 6:06 left in the first half, Jason Snelling takes the ball out to the Atlanta 35 yard line. The Atlanta Falcons offense hasn't been on the field much this quarter. But after two quick passes, they're on the 50 yard line. A persoanl foul for roughing the passer on Cullen Jenkins  brings them to the Green Bay 35. The Falcons are moving the ball on every down. they're in no-huddle, and have penetrated the red zone. A false start slows their progressand they lose more yards on a sack from Charles Woodsen. It's third and 21 from the 24. Michael Jenkins falls down in the end zone, and Tramon Williams intercepts Matt Ryan.

The Packers take over at their 20, with 2:21 left. They have all their timeouts,and the two minute warning stops play on second and six. A neutral zone infraction gives Green Bay the first down. Rodgers scrambles out of bounds, gaining six, they follow up with a delay of game.

Rodgers finds Greg Jennings in the middle of the field, they're in Atlanta territory. After a Green Bay timeout, he hits Andrew Quarless at the 40 yard line. An incomplete, and then a scramble and pass to Donald Driver, and they're at the 20. An Atlanta injury tiemout with 0:48 left, and he hits james Jones who wrestles it down in the end zone.

21-14 Packers

With 42 seconds left the Falcons field a line drive kick, and they'll start at the 35, A couple short passes, and Sam Shields is called for pass interference for 24 yards, and Tramon Williams is called on the next play for the same thing. They're at the 24, and Clay Matthews hammers Ryan at the 35 yard line. Atlanta uses their last timeout, with eight seconds left. And Tramon Williams picks off Matt Ryan and goes all the way for a touchdown, with no time left.

28-14 Packers