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NFL Playoff Schedule Ravens Vs. Steelers Final: 31-24 Pittsburgh Advances

It's third and 11, from the 24, and a screen to Antonio Brown gets ten. Pittsburgh  goes for fourth and one and Ben Roethlisberger sneaks it over for the first down. They have first down at the 12 yard line, but can't convert. Terrell Suggs gets another sack, and the Steelers go ahead on a field goal.

24-21 Steelers

With 12:10 left, The Ravens will start their drive just behind their own 20 yard line. On third down, they convert their only first down of the half. Joe Flacco finds T.J. Houshmandzadeh goes across the middle and brings the ball to around the Baltimore 45 yard line, but the Steelers defense answers the bell again. On third down James Harrison chases Flacco out of bounds. He's out of breath and is slow getting up. It's 4th and 19, and Antwaan Randle El snakes his way to near the 12.

With 7:27 Ben Roethlisberger and the steelers go three and out. The punting unit comes on, and commits another penalty. A false start takes them back.

The Ravens nullify a Ravens touchdown on the return, with a holding penalty. They start from their 30, and Flacco nails the ball to Todd Heap's chest at the Pittsburgh eight yard line, for first and goal.

Five minutes on the clock, and the Steelers hold . Antwan Boldin dropped a low, but catchable pass in the end zone. John Harbaugh sends out his field goal unit, and the kick is good.

24-24 tie game

With 3:48 the Steelers start at their 35. Roethlisberger bounces off his would be tacklers, and throws out of bounds. He's knocked down as he throws on second down, incomplete, but hits Hines Ward on the slant for exactly enough for the first down.

Roethlsiberger is gang-sacked on first down and it's second and 19 from the 38. Second down is a long incomplete, Third and 19, and Roethlisberger calls timeout with 2:07 on the clock.

Roethlisberger rears back and hits Antonio Brown in stride. He runs out of bounds inside the five, and the Steelers will have first and goal with less than two minutes left in regulation.

First down is an overthrow out of bounds, second down Rashard Mendenhall gets the ball and can't close the deal, but a defensive holding call, makes it first and goal from the one.

John Harbaugh is on the field screaming and waving for a timeout after first down. The ball is marked at the two yard line, and Baltimore uses another timeout. There's 1:39 on the clock.

Mendenhall pushes through for a touchdown. An unneccessary roughness call against Pittsburgh will be assessed on the kickoff.

31-24 Steelers

The Steelers will kick from their 15 yard line, with 1:33 left. each team has one timeout. A squib kick is returned to the steelers 48 yard line. Flacco overthrows Todd Heap on first down, and William Gay nearly picks off the long bomb on second down. He's sacked hard, it's the fifth sack of the day for him.

It's fourth and 18, and the Ravens use their final timeout at the 1:09 mark.

The pass to Houshmenndzadeh is broken up by William Gay, and the Ravens give up the ball on downs.

The Steelers will let time run out, and they advance to the AFC Championship game.

Congratulations to the steelers and their fans.