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NFL Playoff Schedule Ravens Vs. Steelers:Turnovers Bring Pittsburgh Back 21-21 After Three

The Pittsburgh Steelers receive the kickoff toopen the third quarter, Antonio Brown fights to get to the 25, and Ben Roethlisberger and his offense starts the half dinking and dunking. They get one first down, but Baltimore stiffens, collects another sack and Pittsburgh kicks it away.

The Ravens start at their own 21, another special teams penalty on the Steelers moves it one yard. Joe Flacco gets sacked hard on first down. The Pittsburgh defense hasn't worked in Baltimore's side of the field since the first quarter.

Flacco dumps off to Ray Rice, who fumbles and the Steelers recover. They'll have the ball at the 23.

Rashard Mendenhall bulls his way to the nine for a first and goal. On the next play, Ben Roethlisberger finds Heath Miller all alone in the end zone for the touchdown.

21-14 Ravens

The Steelers kick to Baltimore with 9:11 left in the quarter. Jalen Parmele is upended near the 30, and the Ravens offense takes the field.

A fired up James Harrison comes off an attempted block by Willis McGahee, and levels Flacco for the sack. McGahee fares no better as the ball carrier on second down. The Steelers defense bats down the the third down pass attempt and the Ravens punt.

With 7:23 left in the third the Steelers offense takes over at the 33 yard line. Emmanual Sanders gets a quick first on a post screen. And Hines Ward and Ed Reed are still pushing and shoving, no flags this time. second and eight finds Sanders getting the first in Baltimore territory. Josh Wilson saves a touchdown breaking up a pass to Sanders, and the Steelers lose six on the next play, a handoff that falls apart. After a false start Roethlisberger throws into traffic, incomplete. They punt to the Baltimore five yard line, and there's a flag.

And it's off-setting penalties, and a re-kick. Pittsburgh's special teams are getting penalties on nearly every play. Another flag goes against the Ravens, who will ultimately begin from their own ten. More chipping accompanies every play on special teams.

First and ten, from the ten with 3:49. They have -4 yards thus far in the quarter. The situation does not improve, as Flacco throws long as intercepted by Ryan Clark, and returned to the 25 yard line.

Rasahrd Mendenhall brings in to the 12 on the next play. Terrell Suggs brings down Roethlisberger who scrambles for a couple, Heath Miller gets a couple more. Pittsburgh can't get set, and uses it's first timeout of the half with 1:26, third and six coming.

From the shotgun, he hits Hines Ward who falls into the end zone for the score.

21-21 tie game

With 1:15 left in the quarter, Baltimore will take over at their  23. The Steelers defense is swarming and Flacco has to throw it away. Baltimore still has under 100 yards of offense. They won't get to that number in this quarter, as the snap is fumbled and the Steelers have recovered.

1:04 from the 23 yard line, and they give to Mendenhall who gets four, he lose those fours on the next play. The Steelers tackle, Chris Scott is down. The Steelers are getting very thin on the offensive line due to injury.  He walks off under his own power. They will let the clock run out.

21-21 Tie