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NFL Playoff Schedule Ravens Vs. Steelers:Ravens Lead 21-7 At Half

Ben Roethlisberger starts the second quarter with a sack, under heavy pressure from Ray Lewis. The Steelers go three and out, and they punt.

Ladarius Webb takes the ball at the Ravens 16, and is wrapped up almost immediately. Joe Flacco and the Baltimore offense will start near the 18 yard line with 14:05  on the clock. T.J. Houshmandzadeh gets a first, but the Steelers defense stuffs them on the next two plays, and a screen to Ray Rice is far short, and the Ravens will punt.

As is becoming customary, the Pittsburgh Steelers are called for a penalty on the return, for a block in the back. Half the distance to the goal, and big Ben and company will start from the four, with about 10:30 left in the quarter. Rashard Mendenhall can't get much on two plays, but illegal contact on third down gets them a first, and a little elbow room. From the 12, Roethlisberger's pass is tipped high in the air, but it falls incomplete.

Mendenhall fumbles on the next play, and Ravens' Ed Reed recovers, and they have the ball on Pittsburgh's 16 yard line. The Steelers defense stiffen, but on third down Flacco scrambles and dumps off to Ray Rice, and it's first and goal. Three plays later Joe Flacco finds Todd Heap in the end zone.

21-7 Ravens

Baltimore has capitalized on the two turnovers in the half, pulling away from the Steelers in what would otherwise be another close game. Ravens coach John Harbaugh may decide to play ball control the rest of the way through, and force the Steelers to try for big risk/reward plays. The Steelers have a lot invested in this next series.

Antonio Brown takes the ball to the 26 and with 5:36 the Steelers offense will try again. Terrell Suggs sacks Roethlisberger for a loss of nine. They follow that up with a delay of game penalty, and Roethlisberger is clearly unsettled. A pass to Emmanuel Sanders moves the chains on third and long. Mewelde Moore gets a first on a couple of runs, and a quick pass brings the ball past midfield before play stops for the two minute warning.

The Steelers are driving in hurry-up mode first and ten from the Ravens 28, and with 1:22, Baltimore calls time out.

Roethlisberger overthrows Heath Miller, and a second down pass is broken up. Third down is short, but Pittsburgh gets set to go for it on fourth down. The Ravens don't bite, and the Steelers call timeout and send in the field goal unit.

The kick is wide, and Baltimore takes over on downs. Their offense come out and takes a knee, as time runs out.

At halftime, it's 21-7 Ravens.