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NFL Playoff Preview; Chicago Bears Vs. Seattle Seahawks Friday Notebook

The Chicago Bears Vs. Seattle Seahawks (Sunday, noon CST) is Chicago's first playoff game since 2006. The 2006 team went on to play in the Super Bowl. Will anything less for the 2010 team mean this season was wasted? Plenty of people want to make that case, but it's mostly case of holding the Bears to an unrealistically high standard. There's been plenty of good to appreciate in a season, that many of those same people predicted would be a sub .500 year for Chicago.

Ther have been plenty of low points, with Jay Cutler being knocked out of the Monday Night Football game against the New York Giants, and the two consecutive lackluster home losses by 3 points apiece, against the Seahawks and the Redskins. But there have been plenty of great moments, and several indications of a team that's still got more potential to achieve.

Regardless of the out come of the Bears playoff run this year, I've enjoyed the ride, and I've really enjoyed sharing my thoughts, and bringing you the play-by-plays of the games this year.

Injury Report: It's kind of hard getting anything concrete out of the Bears and Seahawks camps.Bears linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa is rumoured to have had a setback with his ankle injury. Word is, he's sporting a lot of tape. If he's unavailable, then Nick Roach will fill in, as he has at times this season.

For the Seahawks, head coachPete Carroll is still insisting he's hopeful for Lofa Tatupa to be cleared from his concussion to play. They say he participated in limited drills on Friday, although he's yet to pass the necessary doctor's exam to be allowed. My understanding was that, under the new guidelines, players were not permitted to practice or play, without being certified as symptom-free.

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