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Chicago Bears Vs. Seattle Seahawks: Want Tickets? Just Wait

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In today’s Sun-Times, Mark Konkol reports that there’s a “bear market” for tickets to Sunday’s Bears-Seahawks playoff game.

Heh, heh. “Bear market”. Get it?

Seriously, though, the marketplace is way down from where you’d think it would be for the first Bears home playoff game in four years. Konkol reports:

On Wednesday, the cheapest ticket available on — nose-bleed seats in the western grandstand — were going for $111, just four bucks more than face value.

The same prices apply this morning on Stubhub’s page for this game, so clearly, these tickets aren’t moving. I would expect these prices to start coming down so the sellers don’t have to eat them. Further, on Ticketmaster’s Ticket Exchange site, there are a handful of upper level tickets going for even less than that.

Could we see the unthinkable on Sunday? A Bears home playoff game with empty seats? It won’t be because of the weather, which is supposed to be decent, cloudy with a high around 20 and a chance of some light snow (and let’s not start with the “Bear weather” thing again after the snowy loss to the Patriots).

Anyway, if you wait, you might be able to score a pretty inexpensive ticket to Sunday’s game.