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Chicago Bears Vs Seattle Seahawks News, Notes, Injuries And Insults, Playoff Edition!

What Could Go Wrong? : The NFC North Champion Chicago Bears are 10 point favorites over the visiting Seattle Seahawks according to Las Vegas oddsmakers. Just thought I'd let you know, in case you didn't learn anything about the perils of listening to Las Vegas oddsmakers last week.

Caffiene Makes Me Jittery, Too: It's being reported that the crowd noise during Marshawn Lynch's nail-in-the-coffin 67 yard touchdown run Sunday triggered seismic activity, as recorded by a neraby monitoring device. Scientists are unable to determine if the crowds extreme agitation was excitement over the rare sight of Lynch performing to expectations, or if it was from the massive amounts of coffee consumed by Seattleites to stave off the depression of never seeing the sun shine.

How These Rumors Get Started: A sports writer in Minnesota, who has a little free time now that the Vikings are done for the year, writes a column essentially saying, "Hey, the Vikings could use a guy like Hasselbeck". In it he speculates that maybe Matt Hasselbeck has a little game left in him, and it seems like the Seahawks are gonna let him go. The story kicks around the internet for awhile, and suddenly it's a nationally reported story. Meanwhile, the Vikings organization and Hasselbeck now have to answer questions about this issue, they've almost certainly never even considered. And after Brett Favre and his implosion last year, will the Vikings even want another old arm to fill out the uniform while they decide what their real future holds?

Injury Report: Seattle linebacker Lofa Tatupu is making strides returning from the concussion he suffered Saturday, according to Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll. Wide receiver Ben Obomanu suffered a dislocated shoulder in that game as well. And although he returned to play against the saints, he's also being held out of practice.

The Chicago Bears are expected to be at full strength come Sunday.

Insult report: So far, all sides are being very respectful. Matt Hasselbeck did say he was hoping to play Chicago, but only because a victory against the Bears plus a Packers victory over the Falcons, would give the Seahawks home field for the NFC Championship. A little audacious, but not exactly Rex Ryan caliber smack-talk. Likewise, a couple of the Bears defenders believe the outcome of the Week Six loss to Seattle may have been different if linebacker Lance Briggs had been available. Coaches Pete Carroll and Lovie Smith both shun the kind of braggadocio that makes for bulletin board material, so we'll have to wait for Sunday, where there teams can do their talking on the field. which is just how it should  be.

Don't Forget: I'll be here Saturday and Sunday, bringing you blow-by-blow descriptions of all the divisional round games. If you can't be in front of a TV for any of the contests, you can reports and updates right here. And if you add us to your twitter account, yo can be alerted the second anything happens. And if you haven't voted (or even if you have, this is Chicago, baby!) in our poll yet, please scroll down, and tell us what you think will happen Sunday.