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The Packers' Aaron Rodgers Is A Good Guy

No, really! According to ESPN Chicago, the Packers' Aaron Rodgers picked up the tab for three Bears players at a restaurant over the weekend. The Bears' Pisa Tinoisamoa picks up the story:

Rodgers ran into Chicago Bears players Pisa Tinoisamoa, Nick Roach and Desmond Clark at a restaurant on the eve of their Monday night matchup.

"First of all, Dez Clark invites us all to dinner, and he didn't call in a reservation, so we're sitting down in front waiting for a table and in walks Aaron Rodgers and his family," Tinoisamoa said Tuesday on ESPN 1000's "Football Night in Chicago." "So I see the [restaurant] guy helping out Aaron Rodgers [to get a table], and I'm like 'This can't be happening.'

"So I walk over, interrupt, and say 'You're not going to sit a Packer down before you sit a Bear down, are you?' The guy was like, of course not, what do you mean...oh, you're Bears player, OK."

Tinoisamoa, Clark and Roach proceeded to exchange pleasantries with Rodgers, before the two parties went their separate ways. The encounter with the rival quarterback faded into the backdrop, until it came time to settle up the tab.

"Dez actually had two other buddies with him and Nick had his girlfriend meet us up, so we're eating good and not thinking about it," Tinoisamoa said. "It was a cool little experience. We met Aaron Rodgers, OK. But then we go to pay for the bill and they said the Packers [Rodgers] picked it up, so there you go."

Good on you, Aaron Rodgers. And the Packers lost the game, too. Win-win for the Bears.