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What Did Packers' Nick Collins Do To A Bears Fan?

Reports after Monday night’s game stated that Packers safety Nick Collins threw his mouthguard at a Bears fan. The Chicago Sun-Times says the NFL is investigating:

The NFL is “in the process of reviewing the facts,” said Greg Aiello, senior VP of public relations.

The Milwaukee Fox affiliate has broadcast video showing Collins yelling at a fan and throwing what looks like a mouthpiece at the fan as he left the field. Collins later told the station that the fan spit on him and used a racial slur. Collins later apologized, according to the station, for “losing his cool.”

When asked whether the matter would fall under the jurisdiction of the Bears, Soldier Field security or NFL security, team spokesman Scott Hagel said: “Everybody will be reviewing it. We work together.”

Obviously, if the fan did that, that’s beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior. Still, as Collins said, he “lost his cool”, and that’s not cool, either.