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Quotes From The Bears' Monday Night Win


On his overall performance
“I didn’t play very well. I thought we were out of sync. I missed some throws that I should have made. I thought the defense did a great job keeping us in there and getting some turnovers when we had to. We needed to make some plays and we didn’t make them.”

On what this game means in the overall picture of the season
“We didn’t play our best game and we won. That’s got to be a good sign. Offensively, we’ve got to get a lot better. I need to get a lot better. Our defense did a good job of keeping us in it.”

On the offense’s identity through three games
“We’re winning ball games. We’re still learning as an offense. We played well last week and started a little shaky tonight. This week, we had some big plays, had some big chunks. We scored right before halftime, drove down the field at the end of the game and got the field goal. We’re doing enough to win. We just need to get a little better.”

On the lift Devin Hester’s return gave
“It’s huge. If we can get him going again that’s definitely a good sign. Devin is really electric back there. So, to get him going again like that and get him feeling energized, he brings a whole new dimension to the game.”

On the pass to Desmond Clark in the endzone
“They didn’t cover him so I wanted to get the ball on him as fast as possible. I just have to give more of a better ball.”


On the Bears stifiling of the Packers running game
“They didn’t try and run it. I think the group is playing really good against the run. We had a couple missed tackles there on a couple of long runs but for the most part we were in the backfield again – guys making plays.”


On the forced fumble he and Brian Urlacher converged on in the fourth quarter
“We needed a play. In situations like this, against teams like this big time players play big – they’ve got to play big.”


Opening Statement
“The Packers is a great rivalry game. Most of them end up going down until the end like that one. But our guys just played hard for 60 minutes. I know that’s coach talk, but they did. We got off to a rough start. They had momentum early on, but the guys just kept on fighting through. Offensively, we hung in there, they got some pressure early, we knew coming in that there front seven was pretty good, but we got our passing game going. Greg Olsen, Devin Hester, Johnny Knox, all of the guys are contributing and made big plays. Running game wise, we didn’t do as much as we would like, but some nights the run just doesn’t work and you have to rely on the pass, and of course, we did that. We protected the football well. I think we had one turnover. Normally, when you win the turnover ratio, which we did tonight, you win the football game. Defensive side of the ball, guys hung in there. Need to be able to get the quarterback down, but Aaron Rodgers is a good player, it’s hard to get him down. We kept the ball in front of us for the most part, for most of the game. We came through with a big takeaway at the end, which we needed. I think Brian Urlacher knocked the ball out. Tim Jennings really made a big play of keeping it in bounds. He gave us a boost at the cornerback position, too. We talked about all three phases and have been waiting for Devin to come back. He came back tonight. Of course, he was outstanding on that one touchdown run, but even before that, it just felt like every time he went back there, he had a chance to score. We’re tough when we have all three phases working like that. We’re 3-0 right now, feel real good about that. I think we are the only NFC team that’s undefeated; getting ready for a tough game going to New York next week. Injury wise, came out of the game in pretty good shape, hope to get some of our injured guys to come back next week.”

On defining characteristics of this team
“It’s hard to say after three games. I just know that they are laying it on the line. They are physical and tonight we honored Monsters of the Midway, it’s just good to see a team play 60 minutes of ball. When you’re down a little bit, you have a chance to show your character. Great leadership on our football team, and the guys just weren’t going to be denied. It’s early in the season still, going to finish out this first quarter on a high note.”

On making Tommie Harris inactive
“We had 45 guys that you can go with; we have everybody healthy right now. Just felt like we wanted to get a look at Marcus Harrison, him and Melton inside a little bit, just performance based. Tommie’s been doing everything we asked him to do. Devin Aromashodu didn’t dress tonight. We have good players on the sideline right now, one-game situations. We’ll go practice next week and see who gives us the best chance at winning.”

On Devin Hester returning punts
“Who decided to take him out? We like Devin Hester as our punt return all along. We haven’t been pleased with the production we’ve gotten from there, but you have to stay patient with him sometimes. If you talk to most opponents, they’ll still tell you they are scared when Devin goes back there. You just have to stay with him. The guys did a good job blocking for him, but again, he’s back and we like seeing him back there.”

On going for it on fourth and one
“We went for it because we thought we could get it, and if we didn’t, we felt we had them backed up and we would get the ball back. We had plenty of time to do something later on. As far as going for a pass play, it was a good play; we didn’t execute it as well as we needed too. But we are going to stay aggressive in situations like that.”

On the guys like Hester, Urlacher, Peppers, Cutler making plays
“We are hard to beat and that’s what they are paid to do. We have a lot of good football players on our team and the guys realize that. Everyone knows their role. Some players are supposed to play at this level and then we have some others that can do a little bit more. They know that we need them to show up that way each week and that’s how it’s been. We are 3-0 because our top players, our marquee players are playing that way.”