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Chicago Bears Vs. New England Patriots: Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, And Notes From The North

The Stoic Bowl : You don't hear the criticisms of Lovie Smith's demeanor quite as often lately. It seems like the dailies have better things to discuss with the Bears in first in the NFC North, and enjoying a five game winning streak. You may think that having a successful team to report on would be enough for some in the media, but alas, that's not the case. They want emotion, drama, tension, all the elements that add nothing to actual sports reporting, but will get you mentioned in Don Henley songs.

It turns out that Boston area  writers have a similar complaint about Bill Belichick. In a recent Media Roundup column, SB Nation Boston contributor Bruce Allen notes that Bill Belichick doesn't give much away, to the chagrin of local sports writers. Last month, I wrote a column that explored the motives behind the complaints, about a head coach who doesn't tip his hand, emotionally. It's nice to know that Lovie Smith isn't the only head coach whose poker face drives people crazy.

And I'm sure Bruce would appreciate that Lovie spent a little time tweaking the Boston media during a conference call with the press on Wednesday. Althoughhe might be less impressed with me, because while I didn't make fun of Tom Brady's hair, I couldn't resist a swipe at his vampire outfit from Monday night. (see below)

So Suh Him : It shouldn't surprise anyone by now, to know that the NFL is really, truly, no-fooling, serious about eliminating violence from the game of football. If there are any doubters out there, maybe the $15,000 fine the league levied against Detroit Lion DE Ndamukong Suh will convince them. Suh was fined for a hit on Jay Cutler that was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, a controversial call, as replays showed that Suh didn't actually strike Cutler's helmet. The fine suggests to me, that the league doesn't want to discourage referees from making those close calls, so it's demonstrating it has their backs.

So Suture Him : The Minnesota Vikings seem determined to start whatever's left of Brett Favre Sunday, if it's at all possible. He hasn't practiced this week, due to the sprained SC joint that knocked him out of the first series of the Vikings 38-14 victory over the Buffalo Bills. Interim head coach Leslie Frazier has downgraded his enthusiasm over the possibility of Favre making his 298th start from 'optimistic' on Wednesday to 'hopeful' today.

As I've said in the past, I'm no Brett Favre fan. As a Green Bay Packer, he tore up the Bears for far too many years. But even I hate to see the man continue to take bad career (as well as health) advice from people who obviously only want to finish cashing in on his fame.