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NFL Picks Week 14: After Embarrassing Week 13, Random Numbers Pick Bears Over Patriots

Since this is totally random, we'll have to write off the poor Week 13 results to... randomness, and try again.

Since SB Nation Chicago started picking NFL scores via's random number generator in Week 8, we've come pretty close to splitting even most weeks on the picks -- not by point spread or total points, just by wins and losses.

Not so much in week 13 -- the random numbers went a poor 4-12, making the season record 39-49. We still have four more weeks to make it right.

Despite the poor mark for the week that ended Monday night (the random numbers picked the Jets, who got destroyed), the random numbers nearly hit two of the four right ones on the nose:

Prediction: Bears 26, Lions 20 Actual: Bears 24, Lions 20
Prediction: Giants 31, Redskins 7 Actual: Giants 32, Redskins 13

So, let's give it another shot for Week 14. Since, for the rest of the season, there's a Thursday night game each week, we'll be posting these picks on Wednesdays (and note, this week's Thursday pick is almost certainly wrong). As a reminder, here's how it works: I use's list generator and its true random number generator to sort the teams playing in a random order, then generate random numbers to match with each team name as a score prediction. I have adjusted the number range to be 0-49. 49 is the highest number of points scored by anyone this year except for 59 now scored twice; by the Raiders a few weeks ago and the Eagles against the Redskins. Putting the range up to 59 would probably result in too many 50+ scores, so I'm limiting it to 49, seven touchdowns.

This week's caveat: I usually have to throw out a bunch of unlikely (or impossible) football scores; this week, just one -- the random generator came up with "4" twice. I had to break one tie -- it picked the Rams and Saints to tie; the next number picked chose the Saints to win. The random number generator also thinks this will be a high-scoring week, with six teams scoring over 40 points and seven others over 30. Remember also, we're not picking point spreads, just wins and losses.

And after its success last week on the Bears game, take heart: the random number generator selects the Bears to beat the Patriots. Home teams are listed on the bottom.

Colts 36
Titans 33

Buccaneers 44
Redskins 36

Browns 10
Bills 26

Vikings 46
Giants 16

Packers 7
Lions 6

Raiders 39
Jaguars 40

Bengals 37
Steelers 48

Falcons 14
Panthers 27

Seahawks 42
49ers 12

Rams 20
Saints 21

Patriots 24
Bears 43

Broncos 16
Cardinals 26

Dolphins 40
Jets 37

Chiefs 7
Chargers 14

Eagles 21
Cowboys 10

Ravens 14
Texans 35

Some of these look pretty good, some... not so much (no, I don't really think the Panthers will beat the Falcons, and the Packers are likely to put up a lot more than seven points on the Lions). As always, this is just for fun; SB Nation Chicago is not responsible for any real money you might lose from any legal wagers on these games.