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Bears Vs. Detroit: Career Days For Bears Earl Bennett, D.J. Moore, Robbie Gould

The Bears had an uphill battle all day against the Detroit Lions, but came out on top. Detroit lives up to their M.O. this year, a 45 minute team. For most of this game, the Lions gave the Chicago all they could handle. Without stats in front of me, I’d award game balls to Robbie Gould, who made his career best 54 yarder, D.J. Moore with a sack and at least two passes defended, Earl Bennett who also a career day in catches and yardage, and Jay Cutler who managed a good game, under constant pressure from an aggressive Lions defense.

Stay here to see the Sports Network post-game report, plus I’ll provide some updates on the Falcons/ Buccaneers game, at the halves.