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Chicago Bears Vs Lions: Bears Control The Clock And Win 24-20

Lions special teams are continuing to dominate and they have great field position inside Bears territory. Detroit is scrapping and gets a tough first down, at the 34. And the Bears get their second sack by D.J. Moore whose made some nice plays today. An incomplete pass follows, and he tosses a screen to Tony Scheffler that’s well short of first down yardage, so they’ll punt.

Devin Hester lets it go for a touchback, and the Bears will start from their 20. They won’t be gaining any ground on the Packers no matter what, as they’ve broken it open in Lambaugh to take a 31-16 lead.

From their 20, with 5:17 remaining, Matt Forte runs for twn and a first down. From the 30, an illegal snap penalty takes them back five yards. First and fifteen, and a Greg Olsen screen brings it back to the 30 yard line. Earl Bennett gets another first, and the Bears are controlling the clock. Devin Hester gets five tough yards on a reverse, that could have gone for a tckle in the backfield. The Lions stop the clock with 2:48 left.

From the 50, Jay Cutler finds Johnny Knox, who gets just enough for the first. The Lions stop the clock for the last time, and after a no-gain by Matt Forte, the Bears let time run out to the two minute warning.

A screen to Brandon Manumaleuna gains the Bears another first down, and Chicago runs out the clock for the win.

Bears win!