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Chciago Bears Vs. Detroit Lions: Bears Take Lead On Brandon Manumaleuna TD Catch

Robbie Gould’s leg seems stronger than ever this year, and he kicks another for a touchback.

After a Drew Stanton complete to Brandon Pettigrew, Maurice Morris fumbles, but Detroit recovers, and Stanton connects again for a first down. Jahvid Best pushes free for seven,and Stanton scrambles near the first down marker on the last play of the third quarter.

Elsewhere the Green Bay Packers lead the San Francisco 49ers 21-16.

To start the fourth quarter Stanton tries a sneak but comes up short, on fourth down and an inch, he gets the first, and the shoving around the pile starts up.

First and ten from the 50 and they flip to Maurice Morris for five. Julius Peppers runs him down. on the next play they get close, but the Bears shut down the run on third down. Detroit starts to go for another fourth and one, but calls timeout before the snap.

Detroit goes for it, but throws incomplete on a pass broken up by D.J. Moore. The Bears take over from their 40, and Cutler hits Forte for 20 yards. Another draw to Chesrer Taylor goes nowhere. A dump off to Taylor and it’s third and four. And once again, Earl Bennett comes up big when it counts. His catch ,makes it first down at the 22. Cutler rolls out, and gets the first, then is creamed by Ndamukong Suh, and gets an extra 15 yards on an unneccessary roughness call.

He hits Brandon Manumaleuna for a touchdown on the next play. Bears lead 24-20