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Chciago Bears vs. Lions: Robbie Gould hits Career Long 54 Yard Field Goal

On the ensuing kickoff Danieal Mnning brings it out to the 28 . With plenty of time left, Jay Cutler hanss off to Mtt Forte for three. A quick pitch to Earl Bennett brings the ball to the 39 for a first down. On a draw, Matt Forte gains four, then cuts back for another two. Cutler scrambles for the first, as the Lions are coming on the blitz.

Chester Taylor tackled for a loss, and it's second and 11 from midfield.The Bears seem committed to the run, as Taylor goes for another two yards. Cutler takes his third sack, and the punting unot comes out.

Maynard punts and the Bears down it at the three yard line.

Jahvid Best runs for two, and again for two, and Brandon Pettigrew drops a pass incomplete for a three and out.

Devin hester receives the punt at the Bears 40, and he returns it 29 yards. Only the punter prevents the touchdown. A holding penalty on Greg Olsen brings them back to the 41. Chester Taylor takes it seven to make it second and 13. Another Blitz catches Cutler, and that's the 4th sack on him. A delay of game makes it third and 24, and the Bears offense is in trouble.

Robbie Gould just makes a 54 yarder to cut the Lions lead to 20-17.