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Chicago Bears Vs. Lions: Two Play 91 yard Drive Gives Lions Lead; 17-14 At Half

Dean Stanton hits Jahvid Best for a screen and he takes it all the way to midfield. the Bears stuff the next run , and Stanton hits Brandon Pettigrew, third and three and Danieal Manning breaks up a pass, and the Lions punt.

The Bears will start on their own 12, with 2:37 left in the half. A quick strike to Johnny Knox goes 20 and he almost broke away, and a dump pass to Matt Forte goes 16 yards to bring it to the two-minute warning. The Bears are continuing the ir new found tendency to make big yards after the catch.

With 1:52 left in the half, Cutler goes incomplete to Devin Hester, then a holding and a roughing the passer penalty offset, and Knox gets to the Lions 47 and it's third and two. Cutler goes incomplete and the Bears punt with1:05 on the clock.

From their nine yard line, Dean stanton hands off to Jahvid Best who goes on long run, and then Calvin Johnson takes oit the rest of the way for a two play, 91 yard touchdown drive. The Bears defense are going to have plenty to talk about at halftime.

Devin Hester brings it out to the 24 with 29 seconds left. Jay Cutler takes a knee, to end the half.