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Chicago Bears Vs Lions: Bears Drive 82 Yards, Make It 14-10

The Lions start the second quarter with a nice drive, but the Bears push them back to the 43, on a pass interference penalty, but the Lions regain the lead on a 50 yard field goal by Dave Rayner, their second string kicker.

Devin Hester takes the kickoff out to the 17. Chester Taylor runs for six, and then a shovel pass from jay Cutler to Tylor gets a firt down. Another screen for Taylor gets nothing, and an offside on Turk Mcbride makes it first and five. Taylor brings it nine yards for a first down near midfield.

A tipped pass goes incomplete, then Cheter Taylor fights for nine yards to make it third and one. And then Earl Bennett takes a short pass and refuses to be tackled, dragging defenders to the 14. From there, Matt Forte goes around end and puts it in for a touchdown. Robbie Gould makes it 14-10 Bears.