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Chicago Bears Vs. Lions: Bears Drive 76 Yards for Touchdown, Tied at Seven

The Bears receive and Danieal Manning brings it back to the 24. And Devin Hester is down at the line of scrimmage after a screen. Second down and incomplete under pressure.Jay Cutler hits Earl Bennett who stretches towards the first down marker, and gets it. First down and Matt Forte sprints for 17 to the 49 yard line.

A wildcat handoff gets five, and Cutler calls another timeout. a pitch to Chester Taylor gets seven, and the Bears have a first down. Taylor gets another three. Cutler goes to the end zone to a double covered Hester for an incomplete. On the next play he finds Bennett for 14. From the 22, Matt Forte gets two up the gut. A quick pass over the rush hits Earl Bennett and he gets to the seven.

Matt Forte gets two on the next play and it’s second and goal, from the five. Johnny Knox is interfered with in the end zone, so it’s first and goal from the one.

And Chester Taylor goes around end, for the touchdown.