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Chicago Bears Vs Lions: Drew Stanton Scrambles For A Touchdown, 7-0 Lions

The Bears won the coin toss and defered to the Lions. Robbie Gould kicked a touchback, the Lions start from their own 20, and are immediately flagged for a false start. Jahvid Best gets one yard up thre middle, and a screen paas to Brandon Pettigrew gets a first down. Jerome Felton gets two, followed by Maurice Morris for three. Drew Sutanton finds Nate Burleson over the middle for another first.

The next play is called back for a hold, and it's first and 20 from the 33. Morris takes the ball tothe 41, up the middle. The Lions are rotating backs, they may be planning to wearout thw defensive line. Calvin johnson is well covered by Charles Tillman, and there's an incomplete. Henry Melton with a neutral zone infraction, followed by Stanton underthrowing Calvin Johnson.

After the punt the Bears will start around their own 12. Forte picks up four, up the middle, then loses one on the next play. Third down and the Bears call a timeout. The sellout crown is making some noise, and Cutler is sacked by Cliff Avril. And Brad Maynard gets off a nice punt, but Stefan Logan makes a nice return to the Chicago 38. Best comes around end for eight. A quick screen to Best goes incomplete, and on third and two Dean Stanton scrambles for a first down, brought down by Brian Urlacher.

On first and ten from the 24, stanton calls timeout, as the play clock runs down. After the timeout, Stanton hits Burleson for first and goal.Mauricce Morris gets four up the middle, and on the next play is forced to throw out of bounds. From the shotgun, Drew stanton takes it in for a touchdown.