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Bears Vs. Lions And Other Games Of Note

News And Notes : The Bears and Lions kickoff  at noon Central Sunday, in Ford Field. As previously noted, Pisa Tinoisamoa will not suit up. It's being reported he's experiencing some soreness and swelling in the right knee he injured twice last season. It doesn't look as though there's any new injury to the knee, and it may be a case of giving a banged up starter a game off, against a weaker opponent.

Kyle Vanden Bosch is listed as questionable for Detroit. If Vanden Bosch is a game day scratch, the Lions are going to be missing one of their biggest defensive weapons. Vanden Bosch had 10 tackles against the Bears in the season opener.

Even though the Lions play indoors, and the Bears have been practicing indoors earlier in the week, they moved practice outside Friday. After the Lions game Sunday, the Bears host the New England Patriots the following weekend. Maybe they thought they'd get in some practice in less generous weather, to get used to playing outdoors in December. Aside from their home games in Soldier Field, they've got one game in Green Bay at Lambaugh, another stadium not known for welcoming weather.

Jay Cutler will not be fined for his outburst at the referee during last Sunday's victory against the Philadelphia Eagles. He was assessed a 15 yard 'unsporstsmanlike conduct' penalty after the refs failed to call pass interference, on a play where Matt Forte was mugged going up the middle for a pass. Presumably, the league didn't want to see any more televised replays of the obviously blown call.

Other Games Of Note : Sometimes it's not enough to cheer on your favorite team. Often, especially later in the season, it becomes incumbent upon us to wish other teams ill. With that in mind, here's a few games that could effect the fortunes of the Bears bid for post season play.

San Francisco 49ers (4-7) @ Green Bay Packers (7-4) - Of course, no Bears fan needs any prompting to wish the Packers misfortune. But while the Bears enjoy a one game lead over Green Bay in the NFC North, it's a neck and neck race to the finish. It would be nice to be able to visit Lambeau Field on Jan. 2, with the division already sewn up. So let's all root for the 49ers to surprise theworld, by beating the Pack in Green Bay. While they got off to a slow start, the 49ers are starting to come around a bit, even if it's only in the lowly NFC West.

Atlanta Falcons (9-2) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-4) - This is a 3:15 (CST) game, so if you're still in the mood to watch football after the Bears game, check this one out. The Buccaneers are a surprise this year, and have an outside shot at a playoff berth. The Falcons are on everybodys' hit list in the NFC South, and this could be a very intense game. A Tampa win, combined with a Bears win, would give the Bears a tie for best record in the conference. Go Bucs!

New York Jets (9-2) @ New England Patriots (9-2) - This Monday night game could actually shape up as a very important game for the Bears. We see both of these teams before the season is out, but more importantly, we see New England on the following Sunday. If you absolutely have to play the Patriots, this is the ideal scheduling, and the ideal opponent for them. These two teams are tied for first place in the AFC East, and the bruising Jets defense will throwing everything they have at Tom Brady and the Pats offense. And then New England has to come to Soldier Field, after a short week.

The best part of watching this one: it doesn't matter from a Bears point of view who wins or loses. Just that they both go all out.