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Chicago Bears Vs. Green Bay Packers: Injuries, Insults, Non-Invites, Favre Fails

Corey Wootton may have accomplished what common sense ultimately could not; getting Brett Favre off the field for good. Word is, Favre failed another physician's exam this morning. After he suffered his concussion in his abbreviated comeback against the Bears, he has been unable to get clearance to play. This is welcome news to seemingly everyone, short of the Minnesota Vikings and the NFL, who would love to get one more chance to trot out the old grey mare for the cameras.

It's baffling that the NFL doesn't understand that the majority of viewers, both fans and detractors of Favre, do not want to see him back on the field in any capacity. The end of the season is here, the playoff scenarios are coming into focus, there are dozens of better, healthier storylines to pursue.It's not fun to see him go back out there and get hurt again.

And besides all of that? Most of us have seen Brett Favre's 'last game' about three times already. If you really love him, you'll make him sit down.

Injury Report: Center Olin Kreutz, and linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa both returned to practice today, leaving only wide receiver Earl Bennett on the injury report with ankle problems. If Bennett doesn't return to practice Friday, his status for Sunday will be doubtful.

For the Packers,Cornerback Charles Woodson (toe), defensive end Ryan Pickett (ankle), safety Nick Collins (ribs) and linebacker Clay Matthews (shin) were limited today. Defensive end Cullen Jenkins (calf), guard Marshall Newhouse (back), kick returner Sam Shields (knees) and linebacker Frank Zombo (knee) did not practice.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy is confident that Shields will be available for Sunday, Cullen Jenkins is more of a question mark.

Insult Report: The air and the internet are thick with them. Hey, it's Bears-Packers week! Packers fans are hitting all the chat rooms and comments sections to explain how much better the 9-6 Packers are than the 11-4 Bears. And the Bears, at least at this point, are all saying they don't want to see Green Bay come to the post-season party.

The Bears are unified, at least in interviews, in wanting to go full bore Sunday against Green Bay. Jay Cutler and the offense want to 'keep rolling', as they've hit a groove of late, that they don't want to lose by sitting back on Sunday. Some Bears, Lovie Smith included, would like to sweep the division for the first time since 1987. Nobody else has swept since then, back when it was still the NFC Central.

Broncos receiver Brandon Lloyd, would like the Bears, 49ers and Redskins to "go [intercourse] themselves", but added he meant it, "in the most professional way". Lloyd clearly feels vindicated by being named to the Pro-Bowl. He wasn't completely negative however, having some complimentary things to say about Brandon Lloyd, "When people ask me, I try not to be arrogant and say I deserve it. But I do."

Brian Urlacher thinks the playing surface of Soldier Field is slowing down the defense. I hear people say this often, but Urlacher was at least cognizant of the fact it slows the other team down, as well,  "Opposing teams are playing on the same thing we're playing on, so it goes both ways. But, we're not able to use our speed like we like to. Our corners are slipping when they are coming out of breaks. Our D-linemen are slipping while pushing off the ground. But opposing teams are doing the same thing. I guess it goes both ways."