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2010 NFL Playoff Scenarios: Philadelphia Eagles Earn Third Seed With Sloppy Home Loss

Tuesday night, Joe Webb and the Minnesota Vikings gave the Chicago Bears the nicest gift they have since last Monday. The NFC playoff scenario got a little clearer and quite a bit brighter if you're a Bears fan.

Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles came out disjointed and sloppy, and it cost them a chance to get the second seed, and a bye week. Maybe that's best for them, as the extra two days they had to prepare for this game did not serve them well. High snaps, bad routes, and poor execution in every phase made Andy Reid's Eagles look overmatched by a Vikings squad with nothing but pride at stake.

Vick was sacked six times, and had a noticable limp as early as the Eagles first series. He gave up fumbles, and threw into the arms of the defense several times. The Vikings defense dropped three balls, that kept the Eagles close in a game they were never really in.

Zygi Wilf, the owner of the Minnesota Vikings should consider locking Joe Webb into the starting QB spot for the foreseeable future. And under no circumstances should he undermine the rookie's confidence or game-time experience by allowing Brett Favre another curtain call.

Another thing to consider is that Leslie Frazier managed to field an offense that kept Vick in check, despite being snowbound in a Philadelphia hotel since Saturday. Frazier has a great defensive mind, and must have formidable motivational skills to keep the famously dysfunctional Vikings on message in a meaningless game after extra days off.

You have to think he deserves a chance to take that 'interim' off his head coach title.