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Bears And Jets Set TV Ratings Mark

Because last Sunday was CBS' week to have only one game, rather than a doubleheader, the Bears/Jets game was seen in only about half the country -- the rest was split between five other games.


Nevertheless, it got a 15.4 overnight rating and 30 share -- that's the highest for any regional telecast since CBS took over the AFC coverage in 1998. The fact that the game was seen in New York and Chicago has a lot to do with that, plus it was also shown in several other large markets including Dallas, Atlanta and Phoenix.


Oh, and there was a snowstorm in the Northeast on Sunday, which probably gave many people nothing else to do other than to watch NFL football all afternoon. Just in case you don't already know this, ratings are the percentage of all homes with televisions tuned into a program. Shares are the percentage of all homes with TVs in use at the time. Overnight ratings measure only the USA's largest TV markets, so this isn't a final ratings result.