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Chicago Bears Vs. New York Jets: Chris Harris Delivers K.O. Punch, Bears Win 38-34

The Jets kickoff away from Devin Hester, Johnny Knox takes it to the 35, and the Bears get six yards on a pitch to Matt Forte. Forte cuts around the end and gets the first and the Bears are across midfield. A long ball to Hester goes incomplete and Forte runs past the blitzing Jets and goes all the way to the 16 yard line.

Chester Taylor gets a yard. Matt Forte is the first 100 yard rusher against Rex Ryan as a head coach. second down and Jay Cutler is tackled behind the line of scrimmage for a loss. There's an injured Jet on the field, so they're forced to take a timeout.

Third and 11, and a risky pass in the end zone goes incomplete.

Robbie Gould misses from 35, and the score remains 38-34.

 If the Bears score again, it will be the first time they've scored 40+ points in consecutive games, since 1948.

Right now they need to stop a Jets offense that's made the Bears D look uncharacteristically mediocre.

from the 25, Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher gets greene for a two yard loss. second down and Braylon Edwards gets close to the first. Third and one, and Tony Richardson again falls over the pile for the first. On first down Braylon Edwards can't haul in the Brad Smith pass. Sanchez comes back in, and gets nine on a pass to Greene. He tosses it for three to Dustin Keller.

First down from the 50  and they run for three. Israel Idonije chases down Sanchez who throws it away, just avoiding the sack. The Bears blits but sanchez gets it to Braylon Edwards for the first.

From the 39, Shonn Greene gets four yards up the gut. Nick roach and Brian Urlacher pressure Sanchez who has to throw it away.  Third and six and Charles Tillman breaks up the pass.

The Jets show punt, and a 25 yard punt puts it inside the Bears 10. 

With 5:33 to play, the Bears start from their ten, Matt  Forte is stopped for no gain. Cutler in trouble gets the ball off, but it's incomplete and it's third and ten. He just avoids the safety, and they'll punt from the end zone.

Brad Maynard punts it over midfield, and Corey Graham wraps up Cotchery for no gain.

Sanchez dumps the pass to Keller for six yards. Second down and they push Tomlinson back for a one yard loss. Third and five, and D.J. Moore breaks up the pass to Jerricho Cotchery.

A beautiful punt pins the Bears at their own five yard line. utler gives to Forte who gets two tough yards. Second and eight, and Forte gets the first, even though the Jets keyed on him. The Jets use their second timeout, with 2:48 left. First down from the 15, and this time Forte can't break free. But it forces the Jets to use their last timeout. Second and ten, and they run the counter for a yard, so they can let the clock run down to the two minute warning.

Third and long from the 14 yard line, with two minutes on the clock, and four points ahead, the Bears give to Matt Forte for a yard. They'll punt it away to the Jets who have no timeouts left.

The Bears let the clock run down to 1:14 and call timeout. Maynard hits an ugly duckling that slips through the Jets returners to go 56 yards with no return.

It's first and ten from the 29, and Israel Idonije is caught offsides. First and five, and Chris Harris does it again!

Harris intercepts the pass, and the Bears take over and run the clock out.

The Chicago Bears win 38-34