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Chicago Bears vs New York Jets: Jets Kick For Three To Open Final Quarter

The Jets start from their own 32, and Mark Sanchez gets a first down on a pass to Braylon Edwards. LaDanian Tomlinson gets two on a run, second down, and Tomlinson catches a screen for seven. Third and one and Rex Ryan elects to send Tony Richardson over the top for the first.

Mark Sanchez hands to Tomlinson for four yards on first down. Another rollout and Dustin Keller flips over Brian Urlacher for the first.

From the 32, Tomlinson looks like he’s going to lose yards, but turns upfield for eight. On second down Tomlinson bulls through for another Jets first down.

From the 20, Sanchez overthrows Santonio Holmes in the end zone. second down and Tomlinson pushes into the line for four, and that ends the third quarter.

Fourth quarter, and Tim Jennings breaks up a third down pass, and Nick Folk kicks for three.

38-34 Bears