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Chicago Bears Vs. New York Jets: Rex Ryan Gamble Backfire, Bears Tie Game 24-24

Mark Sanchez is 13-15, and the Bears can’t seem to get any pressure on him. The Jets will receive to begin the second half , as the snow again begins to blow around Soldier Field.

Robbie Gould kicks it into the wind, after a nice return, the jets will start at their own 33. A screen to LaDanian Tomlinson goes for seven, and he’s wrapped up at the line of scrimmage on second down. Third and three and Lance Briggs bats down the pass. The Jets rush a fourth down pass play, and it goes incomplete giving the ball to the Bears on downs in Jets territory.

On first down Jay Cutler goes 40 yards to Johnny Knox for a touchdown. The Bears tie the game 24-24.