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Chicago Bears Vs. New York Jets: At The Half It's 24-17 Jets

The sun is out and the Jets receive and get one play off before the two minute warning. They have first down, at their own 45. Mark sanchez throws to Shonn Greene for five, and Greene gets eight on a run up the middle. They have a first in Bears territory, and take their first timeout.

Santonio Holmes gets eighteen in stride, and the Jets take another timeout. Neither team has displayed the punishing defense they’re both known for.

And Shonn greene hets another running first down. From the 14, Greene is stuffed on a first down run. After a quick strike near the eight, the Jets take their last timeout with 21 seconds left.

Dustin Keller can’t hold on in the end zone, and the Jets kick for three more.

24-17 Jets.

With 12 seconds a short kick away from Devin Hester goes to Danieal Manning. There’s six seconds on the clock, and Cutler can’t find an open man, as time expires he runs out of bounds.