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Chicago Bears Vs. New York Jets: Second Quarter Collapse, 21-10 Jets

The Jets are avoiding Devin Hester by kicking high and short. Rashie Davis bring it to the 40. greg Olsen can’t hang on to a Jay Culter pass, and on second down Matt Forte is wrapped up after two. An incomplete to Earl Bennett and the Bears go three and out.

The Jets take over at their own 29. On first down, Mark Sanchez hits Braylon Edwards for 18. A Shonn Greene run gets nothing, and on second down Keller is wrapped up over the middle for four yards. Third and six, and Tim Jennings bobbles and drops an interception.

the Jets will punt away from Devin Hester, and the ball skips out of bounds at the nine yard line.

Jay Cutler hands to Chester Taylor for four, and Cutler drops back. He finds nobody and eventually is sacked near the three yard line. They follow with a delay of game. Third down is a risky incomplete, and Brad Maynard will punt for his end zone.

The ball ends up at the Bears 36, and the Jets are already in scoring position.

Mark Sanchez gives to LaDanian Tomlinson, but there’s a flag. Bears decline and it’s second and nine. Tomlinson is wrapped up again, after two. Third down and seven, ans santonio Holmes gets a first. The Bears are not getting any pressure on Sanchez.
First down, and Tomlinson gets two and Brad Smith gets 12 on an option, followed immediately by a Tomlinson TD.

21-10 Jets