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Chicago Bears Vs. New York Jets: Shonn Greene Makes It 10-7

Robbie Gould kicks a touchback and the Jets will try again from their 20. The snow must be making the ball slick. Mark Sanchez gives it to Shonn Greene who runs for ten, and the Jets get 12 on a bootleg.  Dustin Keller makes it three in a row, but the Jets lose a yard on a screen on the next play.

From the Bears 29, a handoff to Green goes nowhere, and it's third and ten. Sanchez gets it to Keller, this time for 18, and the Jets have put together a long drive, quickly.

A false start makes it first and goal from the 16, and Sanchez hits Braylon Edwards near the three yard line, on the las play of the quarter. At the start of the second quarter, the Jets are second and two from the three. sanchez has completed all seven of his attempts.

Shonn Greens gets the touchdown on the first play of the quarter.

10-7 Bears