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Chicago Bears Vs. New York Jets: Matt Forte Scores Off Chris Harris Fumble Recovery

Robbie gould kicks off, and the Jets runner is smotghered at the 26. Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense comes on the field.

A replay shows that Gould's field goal was deflected, but it had enough leg to go through.

From the 26, Sanchez hands off to LaDanian Tomlinson, whose dropped for a loss. The play is nullified by a holding call. First and 20, and  a quick out to Santonio Holmes gets eleven. The next play Tomlinson gets one, and recovers. They get the first on the next play, with a short pass.

A reverse to Santonio Holmes gets around seven yards, before he's hit and fumbles.

The Bears Chris Harris recovers, and the Bears have first down wiyh great field position.

A run gets two, then a miracle occurs as Greg Olsen bobbles a pass into Johnny Knox's hands, for another first down. Matt Forte has no trouble holding the ball and gets eight, then from the 22, Forte breaks tackles all the way to the end zone.

10-0 Bears